The rules of Online Craps explained

Craps is a game with a long tradition that is clear for all in the world of online casino gaming to see. A game of chance reliant on the roll of the dice that almost any number of people can play at the same time, craps also features the lowest house edge of any online casino game currently out there. Craps has a very simple premise, the ‘shooter’ rolls the dice and players bet on the outcome, but in its simplicity lies its complex nature.

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Players must first place their bets (pass line bets) on the outcome of the roll before the first roll of the dice, which is known as the ‘come out roll’. The come out roll decides the winners and losers according to the number shown. 7 and 11 designate winners, whereas 2, 3 and 12 designate the losers. Other numbers (4, 5, 6, 9 and 10) stay in the game, becoming the target known as the ‘point’. The Shooter then continues rolling the dice until either the point number or a 7 is rolled. Timing is important here as all pass line bets might win or lose depending on which is rolled first, the point number (everyone wins) or 7 (everyone loses). It’s important to note that other numbers become unimportant at this point, the shooter keeps on rolling until either 7 or the point number comes up. That’s the game in a nutshell but just to help you along here is a list of the most common bets and their respective payoffs.

  • Pass line bets work as outlined above. Payoff of 1:1.
  • Don’t pass line bets are the exact opposite as above, they win when the come out roll is 2 or 3 and lose on 7, 11. The bet works as a ‘push’ in case of a 12 and allows the player to retrieve their money. All other numbers become a point. Payoff 1:1.
  • Come bets are pass line bets taking place in the same round. These are only placed when the point has been decided. If the come point is rolled before 7 it wins and loses if the order is reversed. Neither come bets nor pass line bets can be removed. Payoff 1:1.
  • Don’t come bets are similar to don’t pass line bets and are placed after the come out roll. Don’t come and don’t pass bets both allow the player to make alterations or remove them after being placed.

Craps will always be a popular pastime in both online casinos and offline casinos. Although it can’t be counted as one of the most played games today, there are still a lot of casinos offering several variations of the game. You can use in order to find out which casinos offer this game to it’s players. What can set it apart from competing games is its atmosphere. Many games, such as poker, demand silence and are often played in solemn silence with each player trying to outplay the others through sheer wit. Craps is the total opposite; players aren’t trying to outdo the others as they vie to win the jackpot. Online casino craps forces a player to focus on sharpening their competitive edge and formulating a game winning strategy.

When it comes to casino online craps groups of players share their luck and find themselves in the same boat, go into any casino and you can find the craps table by simple following the sound of the cheers (and groans) of a group of players, who are collectively bonding over a shared outcome. The same is true at a casino online, shared chat rooms allow players to encourage each other or offer sympathy as the dice roll. So if you find your poker face is beginning to ache, do yourself a favour and give online casino craps a go.

NetEnt brings players manga-themed slot game Koi Princess this November

These days it seems that online casino game releases have big marketing budgets attached to them. No longer are they released to little or no fanfare. The hype machine is often out in full force, especially when a major developer is involved. Developers don’t come any bigger than NetEnt, with their latest slot release receiving the full red carpet treatment. Set for release on November 24th, Koi Princess is an Asian influenced, Manga themed game that is set to become a NetEnt flagship title. By visiting MrCasinon, you can find NetEnt-based casinos with some really good bonuses, so make sure to have a look there in time for the release.

Innovation is arguably where NetEnt shines the most and it is showcased within the graphical design and theme of Koi Princess. The name gives away a lot about the games influences, but it doesn’t quite tell the whole story. Side-stepping the traditional twelve-layer kimono known as a jūnihitoe, the princess in the game is visualised in classic ‘Japanese Pop’ style. What is shown in the video trailer that has been racking up the views since its release is a game that is animated in classic Manga fashion, looking completely unique in design. Japanese inspired online slot games in the past have fallen into the trap of looking cliché, not only does Koi Princess bypass such trap, it looks wholly unique in its own right.

The level of production value found within Koi Princess is simply astounding, as it goes all out to create a truly immersive game experience. Above the stylisation of the game was mentioned, but the quality in presentation does not end there. They have opted to include an entirely original soundtrack that does an amazing job with regards to setting the tone. This features alongside some clean and clear sound effects. It all adds up to make Koi Princess an online slot game that is easy on the eyes and the ears.

Koi Princess is every bit the Manga adventure it proclaims to be, with in some instances it actually constituting to much more than just that. This game is truly feature rich, with each spin of the reel showcasing payline variation at its finest. In addition to the on-reel action, Koi Princess also features various bonus events, with there being four on show. These games take the form of an additional spin reel. While what they fully-entail isn’t completely known at this point, what is known is that names of the bonus rounds are Bonus Reel, Coin Spins, Wild Reels Free-Spins, Sure-Win Free-Spins. The game is also known to feature Wilds and Scatters is too, along with a bonus bet feature. The main-event featured within Koi Princess is the Koi Pick Me Bonus, which activates at random during a game session. What the game will mean to players isn’t known, but it is being strongly hinted that this is where the games biggest prizes will appear.

Trailers are what they are and a few in the past have promoted games that have failed to deliver come release day. However, Koi Princess isn’t set to fall into that bracket. NetEnt are known throughout online casino scene around the world for being the No. 1 name in game development, with their releases commanding attention more often than not. Make sure to stay on top of all the deals that will be available upon this game’s release. You can often find exclusive free spins at for the latest NetEnt games!

Koi Princess takes the Manga style of animation that is loved around the world and brings into the online casino domain. Blending it seamlessly with an array of special features, the video trailer has given everyone a glimpse of what could prove to be the online slots release of the year thus far.

3 reasons why online casino gaming is as fun as ever in 2015

When it comes down to it, for all the prizes and promotions, the online casino industry wouldn’t be what it is if it wasn’t for the degree of entertainment it provides. Fun is the unheralded element found within the online casino landscape and it arguably what draws in new players on a regular basis. Thankfully for players, in 2015 the fun factor is reaching its peak when it comes to online casino gaming. Here are 3 amazing reasons for why you should start playing online casinos today if you haven’t already.

The Choice

When it comes to choice, the online casino landscape delivers it and delivers it in a big way. Long gone are the days of players having just a handful of games to choose from. These days an online casino can bring your hundreds of titles to choose from. What online casinos represent nowadays is variety and freedom. Players don’t have to play a “set way” anymore, as through what’s on offer they can play their way. The vast majority of online casino games come in the form of slots, as this is where the innovation of industry is mostly focused. But don’t despair if you love the classic slots experience. The games of old are still as fun as ever, as they have more often than not have been given a beautiful digital-HD facelift. The prizes and jackpots also carry just as much variation these days. Ranging from token payouts to multi-million pound jackpots, it is all available and it is all available to play when you casino game online.

The Bonuses

Don’t fancy paying to play online casino games? Then don’t worry, as you don’t have to thanks to online casino portals. The industry now knows that online casino bonuses are commonplace; so online casinos have ramped up the value in what they offer. Staggered matched deposit bonuses have also become commonplace, offering free cash funds upwards of a £1,000. If you want to try before you buy when it comes to online casino games you can now realistically do that. If you look at sites like, you can find a whole bunch of free bonuses to use when you sign up at new casinos.

The Competition

If you want to play online casino games in a casual manner you are more than welcome to do so. But the online casino industry no encompasses more than just that in 2015. The level of competition amongst players is now reaching new heights, as no matter your game of interest tournaments are likely being held for it. These tournaments are designed to increase user engagement, while they work to allow players to showcase their skills against others. The prizes on show will also be of interest. Often working on a pot system, players will chip into to a main prize pot, with the online casino in question topping it up. Players will then battle it out to win it all. These days if players want to test their online casino skills they can freely do so.

The Fun

The world has changed and the online casino industry has changed along with it. Game quality, player competition, and the many free spins and bonuses available at promotion sites such as have all help make the online casino experience what it is in 2015. If you fancy a bit of fun, then it’s simple, register for an online casino account and start playing today!

Bet365 announces the arrival on new live dealer hi-lo games

Bet365 are easily one of the biggest online casino companies in Europe. To date they are available in countless countries, with additional expansion only being a matter of time by all accounts. As this is the case it is no shock to see Bet365 opt to strike while the iron is hot and increase their online casino game catalogue whenever they can. Celebrated for their slot games, whenever a new game is added to Bet365 it seems site members are given plenty to cheer about, with the latest addition being no different. Online casino portal users of the world rejoice, live dealer hi-lo games are set join the ranks of Bet365 in the coming weeks.

Traditional Hi-Lo

It won’t be surprising to hear people ask “what is Hi-Lo?” and “why should I care about hi-lo?”, well for those interested here is a quick explanation. Currently hold’em poker ranks as one of the world’s leading live casino games, while it will remain ever popular for some it doesn’t deliver the level of challenge they need. Hi-Lo is a seven-card poker variation that requires players to exhibit an increased level of technical poker skill – You can read more about how hands are valued in poker at Players are dealer seven cards during the course of a game all the while looking to create the best five-card hand possible. Hi-Lo may be a globally known game, but it has transferred to the live casino environment seamlessly. However, this isn’t the Hi-Lo that Bet365 players will be facing, Bet365 have broken down the game and are providing players with something unique to play that breaks away from tradition.

Bet365 Hi-Lo

To Bet365 Hi-Lo will represent a brand new online casino game, but should you want to pick the game up and have the skill to do so, fun is almost a given. The perfect game for novices and experienced players, what the Bet365 variation of Hi-Lo requires from players is nerve. Pitting you one on one with the dealer, you will need to predict the next card drawn and determine whether it is lower or higher than the prior base card. Sounds simple enough, but the reality is that Hi-Lo provides players with a high stakes thrill that actually presents quite the challenge. When it comes to Hi-Lo at Bet365, the devil is truly in the details.

How to Play

After registering with Bet365 and cashing in on your chosen bonus promotion, head to the live dealer section of the website. From there select Hi-Lo and load up the game. When you start playing Hi-Lo you need to think speed and instinct. Starting the game the dealer will burn three cards, from there players have seconds to wager on the value of the next card. Players can choose to take various positions, with the risk level varying between them.

New Thrills

Hi-Lo is an all thrill affair that is sure to set pulses racing amongst Bet365 members. If you don’t already have a Bet365 account, but want to get in on the Hi-Lo action, I suggest you sign up today!