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Bet365 announces the arrival on new live dealer hi-lo games

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Bet365 are easily one of the biggest online casino companies in Europe. To date they are available in countless countries, with additional expansion only being a matter of time by all accounts. As this is the case it is no shock to see Bet365 opt to strike while the iron is hot and increase their online casino game catalogue whenever they can. Celebrated for their slot games, whenever a new game is added to Bet365 it seems site members are given plenty to cheer about, with the latest addition being no different. Online casino portal users of the world rejoice, live dealer hi-lo games are set join the ranks of Bet365 in the coming weeks.

Traditional Hi-Lo

It won’t be surprising to hear people ask “what is Hi-Lo?” and “why should I care about hi-lo?”, well for those interested here is a quick explanation. Currently hold’em poker ranks as one of the world’s leading live casino games, while it will remain ever popular for some it doesn’t deliver the level of challenge they need. Hi-Lo is a seven-card poker variation that requires players to exhibit an increased level of technical poker skill – You can read more about how hands are valued in poker at Players are dealer seven cards during the course of a game all the while looking to create the best five-card hand possible. Hi-Lo may be a globally known game, but it has transferred to the live casino environment seamlessly. However, this isn’t the Hi-Lo that Bet365 players will be facing, Bet365 have broken down the game and are providing players with something unique to play that breaks away from tradition.

Bet365 Hi-Lo

To Bet365 Hi-Lo will represent a brand new online casino game, but should you want to pick the game up and have the skill to do so, fun is almost a given. The perfect game for novices and experienced players, what the Bet365 variation of Hi-Lo requires from players is nerve. Pitting you one on one with the dealer, you will need to predict the next card drawn and determine whether it is lower or higher than the prior base card. Sounds simple enough, but the reality is that Hi-Lo provides players with a high stakes thrill that actually presents quite the challenge. When it comes to Hi-Lo at Bet365, the devil is truly in the details.

How to Play

After registering with Bet365 and cashing in on your chosen bonus promotion, head to the live dealer section of the website. From there select Hi-Lo and load up the game. When you start playing Hi-Lo you need to think speed and instinct. Starting the game the dealer will burn three cards, from there players have seconds to wager on the value of the next card. Players can choose to take various positions, with the risk level varying between them.

New Thrills

Hi-Lo is an all thrill affair that is sure to set pulses racing amongst Bet365 members. If you don’t already have a Bet365 account, but want to get in on the Hi-Lo action, I suggest you sign up today!

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