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NetEnt brings players manga-themed slot game Koi Princess this November

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These days it seems that online casino game releases have big marketing budgets attached to them. No longer are they released to little or no fanfare. The hype machine is often out in full force, especially when a major developer is involved. Developers don’t come any bigger than NetEnt, with their latest slot release receiving the full red carpet treatment. Set for release on November 24th, Koi Princess is an Asian influenced, Manga themed game that is set to become a NetEnt flagship title. By visiting MrCasinon, you can find NetEnt-based casinos with some really good bonuses, so make sure to have a look there in time for the release.

Innovation is arguably where NetEnt shines the most and it is showcased within the graphical design and theme of Koi Princess. The name gives away a lot about the games influences, but it doesn’t quite tell the whole story. Side-stepping the traditional twelve-layer kimono known as a jūnihitoe, the princess in the game is visualised in classic ‘Japanese Pop’ style. What is shown in the video trailer that has been racking up the views since its release is a game that is animated in classic Manga fashion, looking completely unique in design. Japanese inspired online slot games in the past have fallen into the trap of looking cliché, not only does Koi Princess bypass such trap, it looks wholly unique in its own right.

The level of production value found within Koi Princess is simply astounding, as it goes all out to create a truly immersive game experience. Above the stylisation of the game was mentioned, but the quality in presentation does not end there. They have opted to include an entirely original soundtrack that does an amazing job with regards to setting the tone. This features alongside some clean and clear sound effects. It all adds up to make Koi Princess an online slot game that is easy on the eyes and the ears.

Koi Princess is every bit the Manga adventure it proclaims to be, with in some instances it actually constituting to much more than just that. This game is truly feature rich, with each spin of the reel showcasing payline variation at its finest. In addition to the on-reel action, Koi Princess also features various bonus events, with there being four on show. These games take the form of an additional spin reel. While what they fully-entail isn’t completely known at this point, what is known is that names of the bonus rounds are Bonus Reel, Coin Spins, Wild Reels Free-Spins, Sure-Win Free-Spins. The game is also known to feature Wilds and Scatters is too, along with a bonus bet feature. The main-event featured within Koi Princess is the Koi Pick Me Bonus, which activates at random during a game session. What the game will mean to players isn’t known, but it is being strongly hinted that this is where the games biggest prizes will appear.

Trailers are what they are and a few in the past have promoted games that have failed to deliver come release day. However, Koi Princess isn’t set to fall into that bracket. NetEnt are known throughout online casino scene around the world for being the No. 1 name in game development, with their releases commanding attention more often than not. Make sure to stay on top of all the deals that will be available upon this game’s release. You can often find exclusive free spins at for the latest NetEnt games!

Koi Princess takes the Manga style of animation that is loved around the world and brings into the online casino domain. Blending it seamlessly with an array of special features, the video trailer has given everyone a glimpse of what could prove to be the online slots release of the year thus far.

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